Offices for Better Roads

The offices for Better Roads is an award-winning 9,000 square foot facility for a local paving contractor. The client’s primary goal was to provide employees with a quality office environment with proper light, open spaces, and environmental control features such as operable windows. The company also needed space for future expansion.

The company’s operations are split into three distinct areas – accounting, estimating, and personnel, and are reflected in the new design by separate buildings housing each function and organized around a central public court. Views are oriented away from the industrial district and inward to the visually appealing courtyard. Outdoor seating areas are covered and able to serve as break spaces.

A number of sustainable features of the building allow it to utilize passive environmental control for greater energy efficiency and internal comfort. Shading is afforded by large overhangs on the south exposure due to the mezzanine level protruding beyond the first floor envelope. Additionally, all offices have operable windows and high ceilings to induce natural breezes.

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