Our firm uses a process we call “pre-design,” which is intensely focused on building consensus and reducing uncertainty in the design process. We use this process successfully with community foundations, condominium boards, churches, and other non-profits or groups. The services we offer are broad and are fully customized to the needs of each client, but generally could include the following:

  • Performing detailed evaluations of the current condition of the building or facility, including structural and systems (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire) considerations.

  • Conducting stakeholder interviews and going on an intense information gathering project.

  • Analyzing and preparing facility programs that help groups visualize their space needs now and in the future.

  • Facilitating focus groups, presentations, and other types of community/group engagement to gather feedback.

  • Preparing various design ideas to be vetted with stakeholders, which often identifies areas of agreement and disagreement.

  • Developing project schedules and detailed budgets using our industry contacts that answer the two most important questions on any project—how long and how much?

  • Providing analysis and documenting all of our findings in detailed reports that can be referenced for years to come.