Cambier Park Band Shell 

The Cambier Park Band Shell is an award-winning renovation project for the most important park and cultural center in Naples. The Band Shell serves as home to all types of performances from big-band concerts to Shakespeare in the Park, and can entertain audiences as large as 7,000 people. The city’s response to the new facility has been unanimously positive.

To cover the expanded stage and withstand 80 tons of wind uplift, a polyester fabric roof is used, which transfers loads to foundation pilings through 18 steel columns. To improve acoustics, the sound reflection panels are modeled after the bell of a brass horn and multiple sound reflection studies during design showed how acoustics would improve after the renovation.

The existing wing walls of the band shell, clad with stone and used as an acoustical feature, were kept and used as the front walls of the new rooms added to expand storage capacity. The existing storage spaces behind the stage were renovated into a new greenroom and private restrooms. The new bathrooms and pedestrian paths behind the band shell were developed in partnership with the City of Naples Police Department to maximize visibility and safety.

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