FGCU Naples Center

The FGCU Naples Center is a 50,000 square-foot chamber music performance hall and classroom facility. The proposed project site is located in downtown Naples and would allow the Center to serve both as a civic beacon and a symbolic gateway to downtown. A future pedestrian parkway is planned to terminate at the Music Hall, and would draw core downtown patrons to the venue with relative ease.

The building developed around the concept of an interior “street” that would serve as a defined pathway for pedestrians. The large expanse of curtain wall glass within this street is meant to provide clear views in and out of the space. The main lobby space overlooks the plaza and helps to connect it with the circulation path. Outside pedestrians and vehicles are engaged by witnessing events occurring inside the facility, while patrons inside experience a feeling of interaction with the urban atmosphere.

The primary building mass is a 250-seat multi-purpose performance hall whose unique elliptical shape becomes an iconic and defining feature of the facility. The main street elevation also enjoys wide expanses of glass designed in a rhythm of varying glass proportions that attempts to mimic the movement of musical progression.

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